Random Acts of PLUR v1

Welcome to a new series entitled “Random Acts of PLUR“, where I explore the positive side and experiences of EDM and rave culture! For those of you just joining us, “PLUR” is an acronym that stands for “Peace, Love, Unity, Respect”, a core value of rave culture. I have been a part of the rave and EDM community for at least ten years and have some wonderful experiences to show for it. But even though the “illegal” and “underground” raves of old no longer exist, the community still holds strong with unique, diverse groups of people with positive outlooks in life. In v1, I’ll be explaining a random happenstance that occurred just today, as well as talk about a wonderful experience that I had making an excellent new friend at an event a few years ago.

For some background, I work at a corporate headquarters of a large company. In the buildings that I work at, a food service specialty company operates the “food court” and other food establishments within the buildings. As one might expect, the prices are quite overblown for the food that you get, but when you need to eat and don’t want to leave the building to do so, it can be a decent alternative. Also, the food isn’t half bad at all. During lunch today, I went down to the food store area to purchase myself a sandwich, but earlier today, I also had purchased breakfast. Unfortunately, when I had bought breakfast, their credit card machines were down, so they took my name down so that I could pay them when I came back for lunch. Luckily, I’ve been working for the company for so long that they trust me to return to pay my debts.

As I got up to the counter, I was greeted by a young lady that I had not seen around before. I informed her that I also had an IOU that I had to pay for, and she went searching for the piece of paper that the woman earlier had written it down on. When she found it, she saw that my name was spelled “Nic” (for the record, while my full name is Nicholas, my nickname [hah] is spelled Nick). That’s when she asked, “Is that a kandi name?” I immediately was dumbstruck to hear someone say that, so I asked, for clarification, “You mean ‘kandi’ spelled with a ‘k’ and an ‘i’?” She half-chuckled and said, “Yeah.” At this point, I was interested to know more about what gave her that impression, but the line behind me was growing, so I responded, “No, it isn’t. But I do have one.” She looked up at me and replied, “Oh really?” Unfortunately, time was running out as she had swiped my card and the transaction was ending, so we didn’t say much more, but it got my interest up. Tonight, I am going to quickly make a new piece of kandi and see if I can find her again, to give it to her tomorrow. Hopefully that isn’t too creepy of a thing to do to someone!

Experiencing this reminded me of another fantastic story of how I met MegVDK randomly during a meetup for a website at the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas a few years ago. At the time, I was going to EDC alone, so I was looking to meet new people with similar interests. So I went to this meetup, walked around and talked with some of the people there, and one of the people I had met, that somehow I kept up with afterwards, was Meg. As what oft happens after things like this, we became Facebook friends, and she happened to notice me posting about my live streaming nerd/geek channel PlayerWon, and started to watch and visit during the shows. After becoming a fan of it, she informed me that she was making me a gift for when we saw each other at this year’s EDC, but wouldn’t tell me anything about it. So, as with the previous year, we happened to see each other at the yearly meetup, and that is when she gave me the amazing kandi necklace that you see pictured above. I was speechless with how amazing of a thing that it was, and wore it every single day during EDC.

Anyone can believe in the concept of what PLUR stands for, but it really comes out in the people who truly live it. That isn’t to say that you have to like EDM or be a deep part of the rave culture to spread the word about it. I truly believe that EDM is something special, not only for the music, but for the community that surrounds it. It can’t be denied that the community isn’t perfect; often you hear about the drugs and the alcohol that go along with it. But as has been proven, that isn’t just a problem in the EDM culture; it can also be found in country music festivals, of all things. If you have the chance to experience a rave or an EDM music festival, I highly recommend doing so. In v2, I’ll explain how kandi is traded between people, the bonds it forms, and talk about my experience of becoming a part of a rave family. Thanks for reading, and have yourself a wonderful rest of your day!