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Every day is a new day, with new experiences potentially waiting behind each minute as they go by. These minutes could contain the mundane, the joy of happiness, the tears of sorrow or any other of the millions of emotions that we, as humans, experience. The world that we live in is a world full of choices, full of questions, full of actions. Nearly everything that everyone does affects someone else in one way or another; the idea of cause and effect, also known as causality. Life contains many aspects, ranging from school to work, friends to relationships. And there is a balance to be had in each of these, not only in their own separate situations, but in their conjunction with each other as well. But the world we live in is flawed, and even though the people within it know that our system has issues, we continue along these same never ending paths. I don’t see the world as others see it, and this has caused tremendous pain and frustration for not only myself, but those around me who I happen to unfortunately butt heads with.

I personally thrive on personal human interaction. I enjoy being around other people, talking with them, going out with them, even just sitting around with them. But with people comes the acceptance of who they are and what they do. With the world, I see it in a very cut and dry way, where what you see is what you get, and the point of doing anything actually exists. There is no middle ground for the things that we do in life. Take for example a light switch: when you flip the light switch up, the light is on, while on the other hand, when you flip the light switch down, the light is off. If the light switch is hovering somewhere in between, it is still either off or on; there is no slightly on. Using this example and applying it to the way our lives work makes for pretty simple answers to frequently asked questions. If someone asks you a question, you either answer it with a yes or a no, not sitting there while the person gives you the run around. If someone asks how you feel about something, you give them your answer without telling them an unrelated story. This works with the idea of happiness or sadness as well. There are select times in our lives when we can be both, but other than those rare occasions, the person is either happy or sad, but not at the same time.

In most cases, the aforementioned example is used in the case of drama. In the world we live in, too many people have too much drama which they carry around with them, and of which they don’t need to have. Human emotions are fickle, and with some people, very easy to modify or break. Making decisions for people with a lot of drama is difficult, because they have to choose between what is right, and what they feel they want to be right. Some people take enjoyment out of stringing along another’s emotions, and some people just do it out of the sheer fact of confusion about themselves. When going into a situation, you should always learn to expect the unexpected, but also, prepare for the things that you should expect. Playing games with someone’s emotions is wrong, and the only logical reason one would do something like that is for their own personal gain. In many of these examples, they revolve around the idea of relationships, but these ideas can extend to other areas as well. If you stop and think about it, the reason that we, as humans, date other people, is to find out if they are the person that we would like to choose to live with for the rest of our lives, or more scientifically, to find out if we want to reproduce with this person. Because dating is basically a way of testing the waters, we will find that we may not always strike gold on the first try.

Taking that point and extending it, this can also pertain to another major point in our lives: our jobs. Employers do interviews in order to learn about the person who they are considering hiring. If this person gives off a good impression, the employer will hire them, and the relationship between employee and company will begin. In some cases, this employee turns out to be great at giving a positive first impression, but when brought into the actual workplace environment, this person is found to be an unreliable in doing their job properly. Applying that same theory to dating, the person who you meet at the beginning may change over time, and when you find out more about them, you may find them to be less appealing to you than before. Thinking about the workplace example again, the employer must then make a decision whether or not to let this person go from working for them because of their lack of performance. There are always other options to that of course, including offering more training if the employee doesn’t understand their job correctly, or just talking to them about their situation and making sure they understand the requirements of the job. By following these simple examples, a steady and happy workplace environment can be maintained.

Unfortunately, these examples fall through the cracks in many instances. Many companies and workplaces fail to follow through with standard and easy to understand guidelines on how to properly run their business, and because of this is causes extra unneeded stress for the individuals working for them, and potentially undue hassle for the people who are on the receiving end of their work, if the job is being done improperly. Obviously, the hope is that these cases are isolated, however in many cases people generalize, such as with retail, and assume that all retail will be terrible to work for based on the general idea of what they are required to do as their job, and also the way that their customers treat their workplace as well. It’s this way of looking at things, and of staying passive and neutral, that makes these places as frustrating as they can be, but also there is a responsibility, not only on the employees and employers, but also with the customers who partake in the good or service that is offered by this business. Just because a person is hired and paid to do something doesn’t mean that they are there to wait on you hand and foot. There are obviously atypical situations which may arise, as no system, and no person, is ever perfect in the world, however when you are there to do a job, you are given the job that you are assigned to do, and you understand the basic requirements behind them.

The employer, sadly, doesn’t always have the luxury of being able to control negative environments, and that can stem from any number of external factors. Politics and the economy are two major factors that can affect the way a business is run, but this brings up many questions and concerns about our world that proves how broken our system is. If the way to earn money is to work, and the way that companies earn money in order to have jobs for people that need work is by those same people spending their money on a good or service provided by this company, how is it that our society is able to continue along the lines that it is if more and more people are without work because companies aren’t earning enough money to pay new employees? On an unfortunately similar idea, how is it that some employers are only able to pay their employees a small amount, when if they add up a full “standard” forty hour week and deduct necessities that our world requires us to pay for as well, such as potentially housing, utilities and food, that these employees would not be able to live?

All of these questions are questions we should never have to ask, and if the system of our world was in full working order, we theoretically should never have to worry if we’ll have enough money for our next meal. As humans, there are many selfish people in the world, who think about themselves, or put their own well being in front of others, even if they are completely comfortable with their lifestyle. This greed that humanity consists of has caused our world to turn on a downward spiral. Now, of course, this is a very extreme and irrational assumption and generalization of the entire human race, which we all know is not true. There are many people in the world who take time out of the limited extra they may have in their day to volunteer, or donate some of what they have to those who have fallen onto the rock bottom of what our society contains. The problem with all of these complaints about the world is that without the system we have now, we may crash and burn even worse than we already are. We currently have in place a currency system which runs our entire lifestyle. Without this system, we are left with very few options, one of which may be the barter system, but once again, this opens up the sad assumption that select individuals will take advantage of some people who are just trying to do the right thing in the world. Taking away our currency system altogether would create an infinitely more greedy world, as everyone would just assume that they are entitled to everything that they want with no consequences.

Taking a step back once again though, there are some aspects of life in which we can change and make a positive difference. Taking the drama out of life is an easy to accomplish task, but it requires everyone involved to agree on simple guidelines which all humans should adhere to anyways. In the example of a relationship, there are many factors which are to be considered about a person, but at the same time, in a perfect society, these issues would not exist, as everyone would understand the meaning of it. Trust, loyalty, understanding, comfort, time and much more are all factors that have to be weighed in a relationship. But with the simple understanding of being faithful as being the right thing to do; giving your significant other trust that he or she is following through on being faithful; setting up what you expect out of the relationship at the very beginning so that no one is surprised or does something that the other doesn’t like somewhere down the road; these are all simple examples of ways to make a relationship work. And with honesty being a core responsibility of all humans, if one person starts to feel that the relationship is going down the wrong path, or that maybe this isn’t the right choice for the rest of your life, then they will tell their significant other, and instead of a painful break up, there will be a mutual understanding. Following this, these two people can then still continue to be friends, and later down the road, there is always a possibility if things get better between the two, that they can get back together.

It’s the facts that the world around me that I see isn’t this way that is sending me down this spiral to where I see no return. The examples that I used and the problems that I addressed aren’t a personal ideal of which I think the world should be since it would make things better for me; these are all things that people who created everything intended the world to be. When a government was established, it was for the purpose of regulating the way that many things in our society runs. When someone invented the idea of dating, it was for people to get to meet other people and find out if they were compatible with them for mating and living with. When the concept of our currency was created, it was to allow people to earn it and to allow a business structure to exist in which people could sell goods and services in exchange for this currency. These are all things that were intended to be used in the correct and proper way, and the direction in which our world has gone has created a negative atmosphere in which we all must wade through. The fact that people abuse other people, and the way that our society was meant to be run, helps to create this world that we live in now.

After saying all of this, I have to step back and make sure that people understand where I am coming from. Obviously, not everyone experiences or sees what I see, so everything that I spoke of before may not even pertain to some people in the world. I have met a good handful of people who can find the happiness and positive light in anything that happens in their life, no matter how bad it gets. While that doesn’t necessarily mean that these things aren’t happening around them, and that they just aren’t paying attention to them, it means that they have found a way to lead their life so that they relish in the good times, and don’t let the bad times get them down. Everybody has bad days, so it’s not that they don’t exist for everyone, but when you see the world the way that I see it, it’s hard to find where that good portion lies. And without knowing anyone else who sees the world the same way that I do, it’s difficult when speaking to other people. I have met a fair amount of people in the nearly twenty-three years I have been alive, and each and every one of them have been different and unique in their own way. I have made close friends, and made some of these friends run away, but I am blunt, honest and truthful, and never have I ever even considered being anything else.

I am trying to make a difference. But being one person with views that are “heresy” in the world we live in makes it very difficult to actually follow through on these ideas. I created the idea for The Insight Expo earlier this year, and this is one of the only ways I know to get started. But it requires the support of people who agree with me. Now, this expo idea is not for me to spew my thoughts and feelings on others and say that I’m right, but rather to encourage people to do the same thing that I am doing right now; SPEAK UP. I’m hoping that it will also open peoples’ eyes, not only to the world around them, but to their own life, so that they can see what is right and what is wrong. There is no perfect system. Even with all of the mistakes and stupid things that people say, some people still find that the happiness they receive is worth struggling through the hard times. Now that I have spilled everything on my mind, I have nothing else to give. But if you are my friend, or want to be my friend, you are going to have to understand who I am and how I am. I am a realist and an idealist. I am a pessimist and I am an optimist. I see the world the way it is. I don’t appreciate people who create unhappiness and negative situations. I am me.

This is all I am.

Everything that is above this line was written yesterday, in one day. I have had some time to think about everything that I wrote, and it comes to light that I feel a tiny bit self centered with some of the things that I have said. I would like to clarify that I understand that the world is complicated, and that most situations and problems cannot be solved with a short and simple answer, however I feel that the world could do some good to look into these answers, as there is a great possibility that it may make our world a better place. I have hundreds of ideas on which to help change our world, but acting upon, especially with the way that our society works, is a difficult task. I can go out and volunteer, or donate a large amount of toys for less fortunate people, but these are small actions that, while still helping people, don’t necessarily change the world that we live in for them in the future. I also understand that in the smaller scale, relationships may not be as simple as just being “this is the way it is”, however in many cases it is very easy to solve them with these solutions. In my personal opinion, I find that the world has a lot of negativity in it, and the pain and sadness that I see in people, and in general in the world, is becoming unbearable for me. I try to do everything in my power to provide at least a small shred of happiness for nearly every single person who walks into my life, and I will continue to do that without any hesitation, no matter the cost, whether it be time or money. I know that I have succeeded in many aspects, but with some, they continue to put themselves into situations that take much of that away from them. I have no control over that, however, people need to open their eyes to the negativity that they see around them, and aim to change that. I hope that The Insight Expo is just one step towards that. It’s my only idea that I can truly see coming to be a reality, and I hope that you do as well.

There are probably literally another hundred things I could talk about in this, including how I give up anything and everything to make my friends happy, or many other things about my personal lifestyle, but there’s eventually a point where no one will care to listen anymore. If you have anything you’d like to say or comment on about this article, please use the comment section below. And CHECK BACK, because I will respond and discuss with you if you have anything that you’d like to talk about. This isn’t just about me, it’s about everyone.

If you are my friend, I would just like to end this by saying that I truly do care about you, always and forever. You matter in the world, at the very least, to me.

With love,
Nick “Weasel” Frymet

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