These Hopeful Machines Review

These Hopeful Machines
By: BT
Release Date: February 2, 2010

In his first album in four years, and one of the first major EDM (Electronic Dance Music) album releases of 2010; Composer, Producer and Artist BT returns with the two-disc album called These Hopeful Machines. The album can be found in major retailers that carry EDM albums in a two-disc set, or can be found downloadable online as such, or as a two hour long mixes, in order to preserve a flowing, non-stop style.

Contrary to many electronic albums, BT continues to show his musical prowess, with his mixing of an everyday music sound feel and electronic beats. While the songs are definitely of the electronic variety, each one uses a unique emotion to create an excellent sound. One could easily expect each song to sound similar, as most artists tend to use a very familiar beat in many of their songs, but These Hopeful Machines surprises, with every song having a different tempo, and sounding much different than the one before. Not to mention the amazing vocal abilities that were used in each of the songs, it makes for an excellent mix that makes you want to keep listening.

The first half hour is a great example of what to look forward to. “Suddenly” starts you off with a good classic electronic rock feel. Following that is “The Emergency”, which preserves the electronic feel but goes with a lighter song. Finally, “Every Other Way”, vocalized by Jes Brieden and released in a singles album late last year, is one of the most beautiful songs of the new year, with a light, loving tone, yet still keeping with the electronica undertones that BT is famous for. One could say that BT is a electronic, symphonic genius with this new work, and even non-electronica music fans can get in to this listening experience.

Usually an album is worth a listen or two, and contains songs that are extremely well know to the EDM community already, due to the various podcasts and mix/mashup compilation albums that are released these days, but BT succeeds in bringing brand new songs to the table, and making them so wonderful that they will stick with you for time to come. Just listening through, there feels to be an extremely high attention to the small details of each song, and the resulting songs are worth every second of your time. If you are a fan of EDM, or dare I say, if you are a fan of good music, and enjoy songs that are a little off the beaten path, with unique vocal and instrumental tones joining in, then These Hopeful Machines is an album that should be checked out.

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