Time? What’s That?

time -noun 1. the system of those sequential relations that any event has to any other, as past, present, or future; indefinite and continuous duration regarded as that in which events succeed one another. (source)

Time. A finite resource to those of us who are human. Time moves no matter what we are doing, whether it be eating, sleeping, working, playing or even writing. Everything that we do in life takes time. And everyone in life is always demanding that we not waste time, or wishing that we had more time. The most common theme in our world is the lack thereof time. Most people always want to do so many things in life, but time does not allow us to be able to do many of them. Our lives, as humans, are greatly linear, and force us to do something that takes time that we would rather be using doing something else. And everywhere you look is something that is trying to take time away from you.

Being human, there are a few things that are required from us that take our time. Sleeping and eating are two of them that are mandatory, while working and bathing are two that are recommended by our society. One of the biggest events in our lives that we cannot avoid is sleeping. We sleep away one-third of our lives, if of course you’re getting as much sleep as you are supposed to get. According to most supposed medical studies, on average, a human is supposed to get at least eight hours of sleep per day. By the time you are fifty years old, you should have 146,000 hours of sleep behind you. That’s a total of a little over 6,083 days, or almost seventeen years of sleep. Of course, when you really look back at the real amount of sleep you’ve gotten, in most cases, no one ever gets as much sleep as they are supposed to. Unfortunately, even that costs time in the long run. Another thing that takes up a lot of time in life is work. As part of our society, and to be able to live due to the need for money, we need to get a job and work. Society tends to tell us that when we get a career in life, our work day will be a standard eight hour day, nine to five. In many cases, that is true, as there are laws preventing a person from working over forty hours a week, but most of that pertains to a part-time job. In salary jobs, there is no limit to the amount of hours that you could work, as you are hired to get the job done, and get it done when they say it needs to be done by. But, using the standard of eight hour days, that means that when you are fifty years old, you will have worked for another seventeen years of your life.

Using math, in theory, this should allow us eight hours to be able to do something in between our work and sleep schedules. But of course, it isn’t that simple either. Especially if you do not live right next to where you work, you must add on a commute time from your house to your place of work. And in the morning, you have to get up before you work in order to get ready for it. If we assume this all takes you a total of two hours, this leaves you with six hours left for yourself. But wait, there’s more for you to do in this amount of time before you can get time for yourself. While you may have had one meal before you went to work, and one meal while you were at work, according to the norm of society, there is still dinner to deal with. Depending on if you make it yourself or not, this could eat up another hour of your time. What if you are a student as well? That means that you will have to take some time away to be able to do your homework. What if you have a website that requires content to survive? Then you must put time aside to be able to do that as well.

After all of this, what am I trying to get at? As stated before, the biggest complaint in life is the fact that we always are lacking in time. What we WANT to do and what we HAVE to do often conflict with each other, and create havoc in peoples’ lives. Everyone knows someone that is getting stressed out right now because they have too much that they HAVE to do, and don’t have the time to do the things in life that give us happiness, and give us a break from what society, and our body, ask and need from us. In those fleeting moments that we have, what do we do with them? Do we find something to watch on television, do we find some music that we love to listen to, do we play video games that we enjoy? It’s always an endless fight with time in order to be able to do the things that we enjoy and that we want to do, but finding those moments are usually the best moments of our lives.

On a personal level, I own this website here, the Weasel Report. I love creating all kinds of content for it, from writing that I love to do, to audio podcasts and videos. The biggest problem is that I enjoy creating all of this stuff for my website, but between work which has me getting up at 4 AM, school which has me tied up for three days of the week, the amount of exhaustion that I go through, and the attempt to create the content that you see here, it pulls away from the time that I enjoy spending with the people and things that I enjoy most. Time is a mortal enemy to us as humans as it would seem, but it’s those small escapes that we try and find that mean the most. Thanks for taking some of your time out to read this entry. I appreciate the fact that you’re willing to take some of that precious time of your day in order to read my work.

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