Time Travel

What would you do if you had the ability to travel through time? What would you do if you had the chance to be able to go back in time and change something that you did? Do you think it would affect your life in a positive manner? Do you think it would change your life in the future to be worse? Or do you think that everything in life happens for a reason? What if you had the ability to see into the future? What if what you saw was something that wasn’t what you wanted it to be? When you went back to the present, would you change who you are completely to try and avoid it? Or do you think that fate has it’s own direction, and that nothing you do will change what will happen in the future? What do you WANT you life to be in the future, and how do you plan on getting there? Or can you not see what your life is going to be in the future? What would time travel do for you, if you had the ability to do it?

A lot of questions, but a lot that came to mind when I heard about a new show coming to ABC on Thursday, September 24th, called FlashForward. The premise of the show is that “a mysterious global even causes everyone to black out simultaneously for two minutes and seventeen seconds, and each person sees a glimpse of their lives six months from now.” Some people see things that are good, some people see the results of what they were working on at the time, some people see events that they never wish would happen. At that point though, what would you do? If the future showed you with someone other than your wife, would you do everything possible to make your wife happy so that you don’t break up in the future? And the million dollar question: Can you change your future?

If you knew what your future was, what would you do?
If it were positive, would it make you happier to know that?
If it were negative, would you do everything to change it?

We all wonder what our future is going to be like, it’s human nature to think about what’s ahead. Some people don’t think in the long term, but we all think at least how our current actions will affect us, and the people around us, in the short term. But if you could know how what you did today would affect everyone in six months, would that change how you act around people? A lot of people do things without thinking, and it can hurt the people around them, but if you had the power to know exactly what the results of your actions would be, would you become the kindest person on the planet? The further one thinks about this, the further it becomes convoluted.

If this happened as a one-time event, it may not be a bad thing. It may be a turning point for a lot of individuals who see their future in a dark light, or may help bring people together if they see friends around them in the future. At the same time, how would you know how to act to make the future end up like it is? The actions you take to try and change what you saw in the future may be the ones that lead you down the path to that happening in the first place. Is the future even changeable? Which also brings up a debate about the idea of “fate”. Is fate, “that which is inevitably predetermined”, real, or is it just a made up idea by humans? And where does religion fall into the idea of seeing into the future? Was it God’s will that gave us this insight, or was this just a fluke, that just so happened to give us all the power of insight on a massive scale?

Personally, I would be interested to see what is in store for my future. I always have a worry about the future ahead, wondering where my troubles and tribulations are all leading to. Although I wonder if I would be able to accept it depending on what the result is. If in six months I were to be homeless, or still living at home with a dead-end job, what would I do to try and change it? Or should I just continue living my life how it is and wonder if what I saw was the truth or not? I also wonder what I would do if I saw myself successful and happy in the future. Would just seeing that put myself in a good mood, enough to the point that that alone is what makes everything fall into place? I wonder if just seeing into the future could affect how you act in the present. If you see a good event, you might be happy, knowing that the future is bright. But if you see a bad event, it may bring you down and drag you down that path whether you want it to be that way or not.

The future is a massive unknown. Especially with the economy being the way it is, a lot of people wonder about their financial security, their job security or even if they are going to have a roof above their heads in six months. The world has too many worries, and worrying about what you know will happen in the future could make things worse. It’s an amazing thought, if you were able to know what would happen to you in the future. But even though, right now, you have no idea what is going to happen in the future, is this a good time to change? Do you like who you are right now? Knowing where you are right now, is there anything you CAN do to be able to change what the future might hold in store for you? Looking back, yes, there are a lot of questions to be asked, but honestly, the ultimate question is: Does anyone really know where we are going to be in six months?

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