Philosophy Discussion

Everyone has their own idea of what they want out of life; a philosophy one may say. The main thing to know about philosophy though is that it’s all personal preference and opinions, so one person’s philosophy may not be the same as another’s. We come upon this topic today because it’s been talked about a lot that people should be looking for a person with a certain philosophy in life, and that that person is the ideal person to be together with. Listening to the Dave Ryan in the Morning Show on KDWB one day, they spoke of a book which someone wrote which explained that a woman should look for a man who is financially sound, and will continue to be in the future with the career path that they choose. Of course, there were people who agreed or disagreed, but stepping back, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to a discussion such as this, including what you yourself think of everything. “Everything” is a vague word to use, but in this context, we’ll consider it being life and everything included in it such as financial stability, career path and most importantly, the philosophy about it all.

The first thing I thought about was my own philosophy on life. I have a unique philosophy in life, and that could be considered a good or bad thing depending on the person who is reading. While this all sounds convoluted, let’s continue, and hopefully things will fall into place. The most important piece of many peoples’ life puzzle is their wealth, in the financial aspect. Without money in this world, you have nothing, and will end up potentially homeless if the cards fall the wrong way. As some of my friends can tell you though, I am open with my income. When I say that, I don’t mean that I spend it all on frivolous “wants” just to appease my own satisfaction, but rather I spend it on my friends, in any way that can bring up the level of enjoyment for them. About a month ago, one of my friends asked me for some money to help pay for a bill that he was falling behind on because his inflow was struggling at the moment. Without a second though of how much money I had in my own account, I wrote him a check so that he could keep up with his bills and not suffer in the long run.

This also continues beyond being asked for money. Just recently, I held a contest for a large collection of video games and computer hardware, all of it paid for by my own personal account. I know that all of this will provide hours of enjoyment and entertainment for some very worthy people, and therefore I decided to share my wealth with the masses. Looking even deeper, often there are many times in which I will pay for events for my friends so that they can participate in them as well. In one such case, I had a friend who wanted to see a movie which was showing in theaters for one day only, so I decided that I would pay for their ticket as well as a kind gesture so that they could see and enjoy the movie with me. It’s these types of things that drive me, and I would rather spend my money on helping one of my friends get some enjoyment out of their lives than spend it on my own selfish vices in life.

Sticking with the money subject a little further, I also have another philosophy about it, which many could find a very reckless idea, and discourage, yet when you think about it, we all do it sometimes anyways. I would rather take my money and spend it on a day of fun than save thousands of dollars and coop myself up in my room, using my computer and not getting out, just because I didn’t want to spend my money. In doing this, I sacrifice events that could possibly take more money, such as travelling, which many people save a lot of money for, and I will be doing that hopefully next year and that will require me to save, but with life having the potential to be so short, I see no reason why you shouldn’t get out and enjoy it. Obviously this is a bold claim, and one that in some cases is not a smart idea, but I always make sure that I have the money to pay for those bills that are mandatory, and do it on time, so I’m not penalizing my life over the fact that I want to enjoy the days. Not to sound morbid, but it’s the truth when I say that life is short, and that things can happen to someone at any time that may shorten their lifespan a great deal, and it would be a shame to have not gone out to enjoy that fleeting time that you have in our world.

But life philosophies are not limited to your finances and amount of wealth one accrues. Looking deeper, I have another philosophy in life, the final one that really means the most to me. Everyone has a different goal in life; some want to make the most money, some want to be the most successful, some want to be the smartest, some want to grow old and happy. I am a hopeless romantic in every way possible, so my goal in life has nothing to do with my job, my career, where I live or anything else. The one thing that I am looking for in life is the one person who will be there with me until the end, no matter when that may be. Love is the key thing driving me in life, and I yearn for it every day. I couldn’t care less how much money I had, or even if I had any at all; it wouldn’t matter if I even had a roof under my head, as long as that one special person in my life were next to me the whole way, I wouldn’t have a care in the world what was happening around us. Yes, this also is a potentially reckless philosophy on the wonders of life, but at the same time, is life not about being happy in whichever way suits the person best?

As you can see, philosophy, especially in the light of life in general, can be a very deep subject. Everyone has a different way that they look at life, and how they should pursue it. In most cases, if one is interested in sharing life with another, it’s finding someone with a similar philosophy that is the key. Try using that as an icebreaker question sometime, and see if they even understand the question. If they do, it’ll show you another insight in to what people take for granted in their lives, whether it be money, popularity, love or something completely different. What’s YOUR philosophy on life, the universe and everything, if I might steal that line? Post in the comments with your philosophy on life, or to comment on my own, and see what kind of things people are looking for out of life, and how similar or different they are from your own ideas.

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