E3: News Of The Week

  • After the announcements of Final Fantasy VII and Medal of Honor becoming downloadable on the PlayStation Network, Konami is also following suit by announcing that the original Metal Gear Solid for the PlayStation 1 will also be available for download on June 18, at the reasonable price of $9.99. It’s times like these that I’m glad that I have a backwards compatible PlayStation 3, and that I already own all of these classic games.
  • For those of you who have been crying for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to actually come out with a game worth buying again, you might be interested in taking a look at the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled. Basically, it’s an HD, 3D remake of the original arcade version of Turtles in Time, and will be coming out exclusively for the Xbox Live Arcade on July 22. Now you won’t have to pick up that new Super Smash Bros. rip-off version.
  • Analysts are touting this year’s E3 as perfect, and back to the way it should be. This thought has been agreed upon by game developers, publishers, journalists and players alike; bringing E3 back to it’s grand format is the way it’s supposed to be. When talking about the major press conferences, and which publisher “won”, it was said that Sony won with it’s stellar lineup of games, showcasing MAG as the front runner, while Nintendo dropped the ball with it’s lackluster performance. They also said that, while Project Natal was a breakthrough in technology, it wouldn’t be released for over a year, and it’s uses would be less for games, and more for other utilities. Finally, they found the PSP Go was a wonderful announcement, saying that this would help curb piracy, as well as give developers a new technology to work with in the distribution of their games. I have to agree with the analysts on pretty much everything this year, and I do hope that the ESA realizes that this is the way it should be, and to leave things this way for the coming years.
  • While it may seem that Project Natal is ready to go, Sony actually announced that their new PlayStation Motion Controller has actually finished it’s research phase, and dev kits are now in the hands of developers already. Developers have said that they are excited to get to learn this new form of technology, and cannot wait to put this into their games. There is no word on how soon we can expect games using this technology though, but it was announced that this new controller would be available to consumers in Spring of 2010, with games ready to use it at launch it seems. Personally, I am excited to see what kind of uses this will have with games, as Bethesda could use this technology very easily with more of their Elder Scrolls franchise of games.
  • In a shocking move to the industry, Activision has filed a lawsuit against Brutal Legend developer Double Fine Productions, in order to attempt and prevent the game’s October release date. Activision, in this lawsuit, is claiming that they still have the rights to Brutal Legend, even though it was one of the games that they dropped from their lineup last year, and the game was then picked up by Electronic Arts. They also claim that they have put $15 million into Brutal Legend, which, while this may be true, still does not hold much due to the fact that they dropped publishing this game last year. In February, Activision also threatened this same move, but a source from EA said, quote, “We doubt that Activision would try to sue. That would be like a husband abandoning his family and then suing after his wife meets a better looking guy.” Tim Schafer, president of Double Fine, followed up with the comment, quote, “Hey, if Activision liked it, then they should have put a ring on it. Oh great, now Beyonce is going to sue me too.” After Activision dropped the rights to publish this game, they should have no right to sue Double Fine for any reason. It was a voluntary choice, and with Brutal Legend gearing up to be one of the more popular games of the year, this is a bold and disrespectful move on the part of Activision.
  • Bethesda Softworks is releasing two more expansions for their popular post-apocalyptic first-person shooter Fallout 3, the first one being Point Lookout, which will be released for the Xbox 360 and PC on June 23. The PlayStation 3 will begin to get all of the previous expansions, followed up by this one coming by the end of this month. In July, their fifth DLC level Mothership Zeta will be released, and in October, fans who want to purchase the full game with all of the expansions built-in can pick up a Game of the Year edition for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Hopefully this time, they will be able to release this new DLC without having to remove it, fix it, and put it back up again, as what has happened with the previous two.
  • Fans of Halo will be happy to know that Bungie was working on a new, secret project, which they announced at the Microsoft E3 Press Conference this year called Halo: Reach. Based on the trailer, it seems that this game will take place as a prequel to the previous Halo games, and possibly during the events of Eric Nylund’s novel “Halo: The Fall of Reach”, which I felt was one of my favorite books to read. The trailer showed a release date of 2010, and in a later interview, it was dropped that there was a good chance it would be in the Fall of 2010.
  • Finally, E3 2009 had a total of approximately 41,000 attendees from 78 countries, with 216 different exhibitors showing off product at this year’s show. The 2010 E3 Expo will be held once again at the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 15-17, 2010.

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