E3: Lost Planet 2 & Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

Lost Planet 2
Publisher/Developer: Capcom
Release Date: Winter 2009
Platforms: PS3, 360

Using a more advanced graphics engine than Resident Evil 5, this game looks gorgeous. Having not yet broken the seal on the first one, I can’t say much comparatively from it, but this game looks good. One of the biggest new features that Capcom is touting is the ability to play four-player co-op online. This can be extremely helpful when you’re fighting one of the massive bosses which they showed off, who towers five stories above the size of your character. They even showed how you can get inside the boss, and I mean that literally, in order to hurt them from inside of them. Another thing I noticed during the quick demo that they showed was the wonderful shots of the water. The game’s water effects looked beautiful, especially when a giant four-legged salamander was walking through it. This game will also continue to support 16-player multiplayer so that you will be able to kill your friends online. So far there hasn’t been an announcement for a PC version, but they haven’t denied it happening. This game looks good, and I’m on the fence if I really want to get this game or not, as it just looks like another sci-fi third-person shooter still.

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Cavia Inc.
Release Date: Q4 2009
Platforms: WII

I’ll admit, when it comes to rail shooters, I’m sometimes a fan. I’ve always been a fan of the Time Crisis series for the PlayStation platforms, so when someone tells me that they’re making one for Resident Evil, I’m skeptical yet hopeful. The demo that I saw made the game look quite good actually. For a Wii game, the graphics are on par with a lot of games that can be found on other systems, or at least that’s how it looked. This game takes scenes from Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil: Code Veronica, and remakes them into a rail shooter format. Unlike the Umbrella Chronicles, the camera is not static in front of you, and continuously moves around as if you were actually the person behind the gun. This game can be a two-player co-op, in which one player plays as Leon, and the other as Claire. This game definitely looks like it could have the scare factor that a Resident Evil can give you, and I’m interested in seeing how this game turns out at the end of this year.

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