Holy April 1st Batman!

April Fools’ Day isn’t usually a “holiday” that I care ANYTHING about… and really, it isn’t still now! But I must admit, the Internet goes ALL OUT on April Fools’ Day, and you can usually find some great stories through it! Now, of course, there are, literally, over 800 websites which features some sort of joke today, so featuring them all would be a major pain in the rear end, but, if you’re interested, you can visit the following site to be able to look through them all. But before I tell you what the site is, I thought I’d mention a few of the most notable features from today!

StarCraft II announces the newest unit: Terra-Tron, which is your base… in fighting form.

World of Warcraft introduces the newest PvP: the Dance Battle System.

Diablo III announces their newest class: the Archivist, a book wielding fighter.

IGN AU gains an exclusive look at the newest leaked Grand Theft Auto town: Harbour City Australia.

GameSpot AU reveals the newest Rock Band game: On the Road – Australia.

Microsoft officially announces their newest instrument-based game for the Xbox 360: Alpine Legend.

YouTube announces their “New Viewing Experience” for their videos: Upside-down.

Google introduces their newest artificial intelligence system: CADIE.

Google Australia introduces their new “smart” football: gBall.

Google’s CADIE system is used to power Gmail’s newest feature: Gmail Autopilot, which automatically replies to your emails.

Expedia offers their newest flight destination, using spacecraft: Mars, for only $99.

LiveJournal redesigns their Friends Pages to offer 140 character updates for only your followed friends.

Kodak introduces their newest camera product: eyeCamera 4.1, a camera which is built in to your glasses.

Opera introduces their newest Opera 10 Alpha feature: Face Gestures, which can control your browsing experience.

George W. Bush was found homeless in a picture taken on flickr.

quakelive.com updated their front page to show that they had changed to World of Quake Live.
xfire.com re-skinned their website with pictures of David Hasselhoff, and changed their logo to Hfire: Gaming Hoffified.
woot.com featured their item as a Random Crap bag selling for $3 plus $1,000,000 shipping.
ocremix.org shut down their website, instead replacing it with a generic parked page with links to their newest song.
yugiohtheabridgedseries.com announced they were going to instead do Naruto The Abridged Series.
wowhead.com replaced their front page with the search skin that can be found at the WoW Armory.
thepiratebay.org revealed that they had joined in a merger with Warner.

And, the one that I probably consider my most favorite joke of the day due to it’s amazing and outstanding detail…

Microsoft buys Apple

Now that you’ve read a whole bunch of absolute and complete nonsense, please check out this website for the FULL and COMPLETE detailed list of every site (that was submitted to this website) that featured an April Fools’ Day joke for 2009 (and past years)!

April Fool’s Day On The Web

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