Flower Review

Platform: PlayStation 3
Developer: ThatGameCompany
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Rating: E

At first glance, most people who I even mention the name of this game to ask me why in the world I would even want to play such a game. Shockingly enough, Flower is actually one of the most interesting games I’ve played in a long time. Personally, I’ll admit, I love music and sound based games, I feel that they have a very interesting and unique quality to them that other games miss sometimes. And, to be honest, this game is so simplistic that a person of any age can find enjoyment in it.

Flower's graphics are absolutely gorgeous.

Since this is a downloadable PlayStation Network game for your PlayStation 3, this isn’t necessarily a big game. When you first start the game, you are sitting in a bleak room with a flower in a pot. As you progress, more pots with various different colored flowers begin to get added to your room.  When selecting a level, it begins with a small cutscene with a beautiful brush stroke look to it. As the level begins, you find that you play as a flower, or rather, a flower’s petal. The controls are simple; by tilting your SixaxiS controller forward, backward, left or right, the flower petals on your screen will move in the respective direction. By pressing any of the shape buttons, it creates wind, which pushes your petals forwards in the direction that you are faced. Quite simply, you are supposed to guide your petal over other flowers. As you do so, a single petal from that flower joins you, and you find that at the end of the level, you have a massive collection of flower petals that you are guiding around. Collecting these petals and opening the various flowers around the level will begin to color the world around you in gorgeous vibrant colors, as your objective is to return color to the world.

As you fly over each flower, a different sound effect is made for each different flower’s color. In addition to this, the music playing in the background is a wonderful musical assortment which fits the mood of each level and each situation perfectly. This is one of the things that Flower does the best. While Flower can get exciting, and more into an action-type setting, for the most part it is a calm, adventurous game, which rewards you (with trophies) for going out of your way and finding those hard to reach flowers. In total, there are six flowers’ levels to fly through, each with more flowers to find than are necessary to complete the level.

You fly around as a large train of flower petals.

Visually, this game excels. Created for High Definition, Flower shows off the best of the PlayStation 3’s ability with this visually appealing game. There are literally thousands of blades of grass, all modeled separately and with their own unique animation style as you fly through them. The end result is a gorgeous looking field of vibrant colors. Each level has a different color scheme that you will find, enough to provide you with a different experience each time. While in the beginning you will just be looking to bring back the green of the grass to the vast wide fields, later you will enter a night level in which you must light up the grass around you to move on to the next area. And if you’re really looking for something different, there are different colored flowers in each level which can turn the grass a different varied color, making for a very beautiful setting around you.

The one downfall that Flower succumbs to is the fact that it is a very short game. It’s definitely possible for a player to finish this game within a single sitting of an hour or two, although trying to find 100% of the flowers may take a little bit more time. And although there are a lot of various flowers to find, there is virtually no replay value to the game once you have completed it, due to the fact that the levels will always be the same each time you play through them. While these factors do hinder Flower a slight bit, overall I find this game to be worth it’s value of USD$9.99. Something like this hasn’t exactly been tried before, as with a lot of the PlayStation Network games, but this one does a good job of creating something out of an idea that no one would think could be even remotely interesting: flying around as a flower petal.

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