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Life can become so hectic and busy sometimes, it’s just crazy when I have a spare moment to be able to sit down and enjoy the time that I have. Being an MMO player, a retail employee, a college student, a webmaster, and a blogger can be a lot. But in the end, it’s those small free times that really make it all worth it. I hate to burst your bubble though, but this entry is going to be about video games! Have you seen what’s coming out in the next few months? If you haven’t picked up or pre-ordered some of these games, you really need to.

But first, do you have a PlayStation 3? Are you interested in one? Is it just too expensive for you? For most people, the hefty $399-499 price tag turns a lot of people away from getting themselves one of Sony‘s newest console, but rumor continues to go around of them dropping the price. For most major companies, the end of the financial year is either at the beginning or end of the month of February, meaning this is when they figure out how their last year of sales went, and what they should do to make this year’s better. The interesting thing is, while Sony is still losing money on each system that they make, they’re getting closer every day due to how they make them. Compared to the original PlayStation 3’s, Sony uses over 1,000 less components to create their system, and it costs them nearly $250 less to produce one. I have a feeling that if they continue to be able to drop the price of their system just a little more, they might consider another $50, even $100 price drop within the next year. And with E3 right around the corner, it’s completely a toss-up of what they might have to surprise us this year.

Speaking of the PlayStation 3, in less than 24 days, the next big exclusive made by Guerrilla is set to release. Killzone 2, what I am considering to be the next best shooter since Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, is set to come out on February 27, 2009. I got the chance to play with the Beta late last year, and I was happily surprised by what I played. While just a small portion of the game, it takes off a similar system of gaining experience as did Call of Duty, as well as makes for easy quick joining of games with people who are of similar skill levels, similar to Halo‘s matchmaking feature. Watching some single-player footage as well, this game looks to be a force to reckon with in the year of 2009. More coverage can be found here on the Weasel Report in March!

Can you tell I love my PlayStation 3? Anyone interested in importing a brand new PlayStation 3 from Japan? If so, you should definately consider getting this very sleek looking bundle that Sony is releasing at the end of this month. Coming bundled with the new Yakuza 3 game, this all new white PlayStation 3, with white controller and beautiful dragon decal will drop at a hefty USD$495. Still, in my opinion this limited edition PlayStation 3 looks just a bit better than the Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Gunmetal PS3

If you have any kind of next-gen system, and are of legal age, you must have already heard about the huge new shooter coming on March 13th… that’s a Friday folks. Resident Evil 5 will be hitting store shelves in a little over a month, but first, you can head to your console’s store and download the demo for it right away. This game will feature full co-op, online and off, and really beautiful, disgusting graphics. Resident Evil 5 is rated Mature for a reason, and follows through on that. Also, if you’re in for a little more from the series, a CG-movie was created just a few months ago called Resident Evil: Degeneration, and it was released on DVD and Blu-Ray. Compared to the live action movies, there is a little more fan service from the game series in this one, as well as they are able to do a little bit more when you consider that this is all CG. This game has also hit my pre-order list, and there’ll be much more to say about it in March, but for now, I need to play the demo that I installed. I should get my impressions up on that later this week, and maybe the movie too… ahem, sorry, talking to myself!

Not to be left out as well, another Mature rated game, which seems to really round out many of the highest-end games in the beginning of this year, F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin makes it’s way out on the major consoles as well. Please don’t forget, this game was directed by the director of many major horror films in Japan, so this game IS scary. At least, to me it is. So far, word over the grapevine says that this game is good, and PlayStation® The Official Magazine gave it a 4 out of 5 stars. Personally, I was a huge fan more of the PC multiplayer game, F.E.A.R. Combat than I was of the actual game, but none the less, if you’re into a good horror game, this game is a must-buy.

As you can see, there are a lot of great games coming out in the next few months! Usually the beginning of the year is kind of slow when it comes to the gaming industry, as most major companies get their games out for the Q4 Holiday season. I think this line-up is a pretty good one for the start of the year, and while we aren’t see a whole ton more, it always picks up around mid-year, especially with E3 looming only months away. More coverage on E3 will come soon as well, but check back to last year‘s coverage to see the kind of stuff to look for! Thanks for reading, and check back often for more!

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