You know, I’m not a Halo fan, at all, period. I mean, I’ll play it, and it’s fun, but to be brutally honest, the game just doesn’t show anything very special to me. It’s a futuristic shooter of humans versus aliens, with cool weapons, excellent looking maps, and fun gameplay. But I can find a good handful more of these on many different systems, all different than Halo, yet still the same type of concept.

But, the point of this post isn’t to rip on Halo, or Bungie. In fact, it’s to praise them for their excellent work. What do I mean? Well you may be surprised to know, if you don’t keep up with the video game world very closely, that Bungie is working on a new Halo 3 project. Yes, I said Halo 3 project, and I don’t mean a downloadable update that gives you more titles or something silly like that. I mean a full-fledged campaign, featuring a new main storyline leading character. For those of you who have played Halo 3, you’ll know exactly why there’s a new main character for it. For those of you who haven’t yet played Halo 3… well, put two and two together, I’m sure you can figure it out. Did I forget to mention that this may have been a bit of a spoiler alert?

The reason, though, that I’m so impressed and happy with them, is because Bungie is excellent at working up a story. Or at least teasing us with something that looks cool and unique. Many people have complained about the Halo trilogy storyline, and while in some cases it’s well deserved, in the overall long run, the Halo universe story has been quite good. They succeeded in creating a compelling storyline which has led our hero Master Chief from one end of the universe to the other. And now, they’re looking to continue a branch of it in their newest work.


Halo 3: Recon is what they’re calling it. You can find the central hub for it on Bungie’s website under the odd code-word of “whvidldshbyjsdo“. How long it’ll stay that way, who knows, but it sure is unique, and odd. None the less, by visiting that and checking out the new Trailer, you’ll find that it looks to start in New Mombasa with an ODST, or Orbital Drop Shock Trooper, assuming that the time that this takes place is after the Covenant warped from right within the city. I found the trailer to be pretty unique, coming from the city’s auto-AI viewpoints for the most part. None the less, this opens up more questions than one could ever have guessed.

Will this be a brand new game, on a disc? Will this be a downloadable update? Will this be an XBL paid download? How long will the game be? Who is the main character? What’s happening? Do these questions end? Can I end this post in only questions? What about the trailer and the game? Are you interested? If I had an Xbox 360, would I buy it? Will you buy it? What do you think?

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