Media Week – Symphony by Sarah Brightman

Symphony by Sarah Brightman

Producer: Frank Peterson
Label: Manhattan Records
Genre: Operatic Pop / Opera Classical
Release Date: January 29, 2008

While not something that I would usually listen to, I decided to pick up the latest album by Sarah Brightman entitled “Symphony”. This album is just that, featuring a very high multitude of people singing with her. It also features many famous orchestras, including the London Symphony Orchestra. Many of the tracks from this album have been used on many special occasions, including the 2007 Championships in Osaka, Japan; or as the theme song for the Pokemon film “The Rise of Darkrai”.

On the U.S. Billboard Top 200 Albums, Symphony reached up to the 13th position at best, while topping the Classical charts without hesitation.

Listening to the first few songs may be a bit decieving, as they are a bit more upbeat and epic than the rest of the album. Being a operatic-type album, most of the songs that you will find on this including a lot of singing, or large amounts of instrumental sections. None the less, Sarah Brightman has a very good voice, so if you’re looking for a good album which contains a lot of singing, this is the one for you.

Album art for the album Symphony.
Album art for the album "Symphony".

Bringing in a fun fact, and a reference to video games, the album art, including the clothing that Sarah Brightman is wearing, as well as the background that she is in front of, were inspired from Daniel Dociu, concept artist for the popular CORPG Guild Wars. Based off of my knowledge of Guild Wars, I would say that the art represents buildings from the Kurzick side of Factions, the second game in the Guild Wars series.

Again though, if you listen to the song on the website and think that that might be what all of the songs on this album are going to be, you are going to be disappointed. Sarah Brightman sings more of the slow songs than anything else, so if you have a soft-spot for that, you will enjoy this album. Overall though, I did enjoy this album greatly, and was happy for my purchase, and hope that you will be too if you decide to buy it. It can be found in most retailers, as well as online retailers such as iTunes.

Weasel’s Score: 76%

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