Media Week – Comcast Mid-Month Cap Catch-Up

Comcast Mid-Month Cap Catch-Up

Since it’s the 15th of the month, or the middle of the month for those of you that didn’t know that, I thought that I should update you on my little experiment that I’ve been doing.

Just as a recap, here’s the low-down. Comcast, starting October 1, 2008, will be capping residential users bandwidth at 250 gigabytes per month. If you go over that limit once, you will receive a courtesy call, asking you politely not to go over your limit again. If you do it a second time, your service with Comcast will become suspended for an entire calender year’s worth.

I, personally, use a little bit more bandwidth than most do I would say, as I am uploading images, downloading fonts, watching high definition video game trailers, listening to podcasts, and much much more than what a normal person would do. Because of this, I decided to do an experiment to see how much this 250 GB cap would hinder me in my daily usage of the internet. While this experiment would sound perfect, in theory, this, unfortunately, only shows me the bandwidth used on the one computer that the program is installed on, and not on the entire network, which in my house consists of my two desktops, my laptop, my mom’s desktop, my dad’s desktop, my mom’s work laptop, my dad’s work laptop, my sister’s desktop, and our PlayStation 3. Again, while I, hands down, use the most bandwidth of the family, that’s still a lot of computers to be using it.

As of today, I have used 20%, almost exactly, of the total bandwidth allowed. Remember now, I use it for a lot of things, but while this may seem like a lot, I now look back and figure that this is after half of the month. So the good news that comes out of this is that it looks like, if I stay along this track, I will not hit the limit within a month. Trust me, this is a load off of my shoulders, but I will definitely be keeping this program on my computer to make sure that I don’t get anywhere close to hitting the limit. I’ll post again at the end of the month with the final wrap-up of exactly how much I’ve used for the month in another fifteen days. Stay tuned!

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