Life is Complicated

It’s funny how even the smallest things can be some of the most complicated and most ridiculous things in life. But at the same time, some of these small things can become the biggest controversy to some people, causing riots and uproar. Or maybe the opposite could come of it, and the smallest thing can turn into some people rejoicing, maybe even laughing.

I’ve noticed many a thing lately, both in personal life, and over the magic of the internet. One can just look around and take a very easy guess what the first and most major ’bout of controversy could be about. It involves the entire country, split into two sides, both with different views on what is going on with our country. If you haven’t guessed it by now, yes, I’m talking about politics. I swear, if anyone gives it two seconds of talk, you’re immediately transported into a never-ending discussion about what is “right” or “wrong”. Unless of course you both agree that politics are a terrible conversation topic, in which both parties shake their head, laugh, and move on.

None the less, with the National Conventions coming to an end, the Presidential Candidates and their VP choices made, and the race coming into it’s most important area, it only gets worse. The interesting thing is, out of all of the different things that I’ve heard, both parties are trying to more more towards the middle of the road, than be radically different. None the less, I’ve read some peoples’ Blogs in which they just can’t keep their mouth shut about politics, and those are the ones that turn me away. It may be the decision of the country on to who is going to run things, but it’s still ridiculous without question.

Controversy can even show itself in the world of video games. The video game Spore, which isn’t set to release in the U.S. until Sunday, and in Austrailia until tomorrow, Friday; has already been getting sold to lucky people who ask for it in Austrailia. This is definately breaking the street date code, but pictures have already shown up of gameplay, or people taking pictures of themselves gloating that they’ve already got the game early. Give it a week or two and EA and Maxis will be on those retailers, hitting them with a nice, kind fine.

On top of that, video game reviews can also get some flak from people. For those who hadn’t heard, the game Too Human for the Xbox 360 was released a few weeks ago, and the reviews were, well, mediocre, at best. GameSpot came under fire the most, giving the game a review of 5.5, on a scale of 10. What people don’t seem to understand is that a review is just that. According to the dictionary, a review is a critical article or report, as in a periodical, on a book, play, recital, or the like; critique; evaluation. It is an evaluation, in this case, of a video game, by a single person, who has certain tastes, likes, dislikes, and has wrote this to share with people what THEY think of this game. People seemed to disagree with the review, which is why most video game websites have a section for “Player Reviews”, and if they had that much of a problem, instead of sending hate mail to the reviewer, should have reviewed it themselves, and sent it to their friends for them to read what they thought.

I think I’ve rambled long enough on these matters, but the reason that all of this came to mind was because my dad offered me his old computer. The thing is, his old computer’s hard drive died on him, so if I were to claim this piece of hardware, the only thing I would need to provide would be my own hard drive. While this wouldn’t be a problem in most cases, as his computer has better specs than any of the ones that I currently own, I already have two desktops, and he is forcing me to rid myself of one of them if I want to take his. I’ve spent quite a bit of money on the ones that I currently have, and it upsets me that he doesn’t understand that point. Things in the world aren’t free, and I can’t afford to throw out something that I’ve been working hard on. It’s amazing how such a small choice such as taking an old computer can turn into such a big issue. Some people…

Editor’s Note: It looks as if they decided to give that computer that I was talking about earlier to my sister. An obvious decision, but it was obvious that communication was an issue, as I’ve seen all too often lately. But that’s an issue for another Blog.

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