Law of Attraction

It’s an interesting concept actually, one that most people tend to overlook. I, however, believe that it may be more than just a negative aspect, one that people should turn away from if it turns up. In fact, if we want to go that far, I could say that everyone should try it, at least once, because you never know what may end up from it after that. The worse that could happen is that it doesn’t work, and you go on with your life from there. The world isn’t just black and white, so if you throw some color into it, you never know what may come of it.

What am I getting to with all of this? Why, the idea of opposites attracting. And not just with magnets, no no, but rather, in the aspect of a relationship. I’ve found that, with myself, I’ve been looking for something not so much like myself, or so it seems. Am I doing this by choice, I would like to think not. I’m not saying that the type of person I am is bad, but it just so happens that I seem to fall for those who are radically different.

I bring this up today, because I seem to have a thing for something who is not like myself at all. In fact, she’s, what most would say, a complete opposite of me. While that idea may turn two people apart, as dreams may be different, and we may aspire for two different things, it also brings on the idea of taking on a new way of life, to be able to accommodate for that other person, taking some adventures you may not have thought about doing otherwise, or settling down somewhere that you wouldn’t have expected to before. It may be the idea of change that attracts two opposites, or just in general the personality that shows you how people can be.

Admittedly, this other person’s views are radically different than those of my own, and getting together, at some times, seems like something that could only happen in a movie. But at the same time, what does one have to lose by trying? Which brings me to the point of this whole matter. If you meet someone in life who has all of the qualities that you like in a person, from personality, to looks, to brains, to humor; don’t hesitate to try and like this person for more than their dreams, their views, and their opinions. Hopefully in nine months when this girl returns from Italy, I may be able to show her that life CAN be fun when you’re doing things that you wouldn’t usually do.

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