E3 Weasel Recap

Hello and welcome to the ultimate E3 Press Conference Blog! In the next page full, you will be able to read about every single announcement, game, and feature that each Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony announced at their E3 Press Conferences this year! These will also be followed by a brief opinion by myself. Before I begin, I figure I should tell you a little bit about myself, and why my opinion may have any meaning.

Hi, my name is Weasel. It’s a nickname that many people call me in real life, and I enjoy being called it because it is much more unique than my boring real name. I am twenty years of age, male, and live in Minnesota, USA. I work at a Target in the Electronics department, and I am currently in college at ITT Technical Institute for Digital Entertainment and Game Design. So, I know about my stuff I’d say.

So, without further ado, let the games BEGIN!

Sony Press Conference

Resistance 2
Insomniac Games – Nov 4, 2008
Resistance 2 looks pretty, I tell you what. Once again, you play the one soldier that can save the world, and this takes place after the first game, of course. The scale of the monsters have grown to an epic proportion, with battles with monsters thirty stories tall. Now they’re adding eight-player co-op, and sixty-player multiplayer. This game is going to become one of the largest shooters out there, in terms of numbers. The game looks pretty impressive actually. They’ve done a good job with the colors and the atmosphere, and it looks like the game will be another great game. With the improvements in the multiplayer aspect, I feel that it will probably be worth it’s value.

Media Molecule – October 2008
LittleBigPlanet centers itself around the idea of user-generated content being the main premise behind it. At the Sony Press Conference, they were able to create an entire level around them showing the audience their business numbers and information, which was the most creative of any conference this year. There really isn’t much that stops you from creating whatever you want as a level, and it’s extremely open and impressive. I don’t know about any of you, but I’m really excited for this. The open source-ness of it makes the possibilities endless, and if they still have the feature in which you’ll be able to take any type of fabric using the PlayStation Eye, you might see anything in some people’s levels.

Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty
Insomniac Games – Q4 2008
This game begins after the Tools of Destruction game left off, but unlike that game, this will not be a full-fledged blu-ray game. Deciding to go a different route, this game will be available for download off of the PlayStation Network. It will be only $14.99, but will still appeal well to past Ratchet & Clank games. Obviously, this game will be shorter, but they have said that it will contain enough content to make it worth getting still if you like the series. Personally, I haven’t been too turned on by this series in the first place, but I really haven’t been excited for many of the PSN games yet either. This game may actually spur people to try out downloadable games if it has enough content in it.

PlayStation Home
SCE – Q4 2008
For another E3, Sony announced their work on PlayStation Home, which is still currently in Beta. While this may be a disappointing wait, the good news is at least they’re trying to get everything right before they release it to the public. Shown in this new trailer were “rooms” for many PlayStation 3 games, such as WarHawk, Resistance, and Uncharted. Of course for the multiplayer games, you’ll be able to launch into it with the people around you in an instant, just with the push of a button. Character customization and “house” customization are still very apparent. I don’t know about anyone else, but being a PlayStation 3 owner, I am very excited about this new idea that they’ve come up with, and can’t wait to see it in action, hopefully by the end of this year. While many people can’t see much of a practical use for this, I find that you can really create a game player’s paradise with this tool. Also, if you enjoy meeting new people and socializing, I feel this will be a very cool way in doing so.

Resistance: Retribution
Sony Bend – Q2 2009
Following up after their newly announced PlayStation 3 version, Insomniac now brings the Resistance franchise to the PlayStation Portable with Resistance: Retribution in Spring of 2009. It looks very similar to the obvious Resistance game, with a little bit less on the graphical side of things because it’s a handheld system. None the less, I can’t find myself too terribly interested just because I would rather play a game of this size in a full-size aspect, rather than just as a handheld. If you love Resistance, then I’m sure you’ll get this game, but, if you’re just a casual game player who likes shooter games, I think most will shy away from this iteration.

DC Universe Online
Sony Online Entertainment – TBA 2008
Sony Online Entertainment supposedly just recently joined the Sony entertainment groups, and have been working on a brand new MMORPG featuring the DC comics setting called DC Universe Online. From what they announced, this game will be coming out for the PlayStation 3 and the PC, naturally. Being open, they’re allowing you to choose whether to be a hero or a villain and fight alongside the most popular characters in the DC universe. All that I have to say is, I’m thinking City of Heroes/Villains. The premise is unique, because unlike the “City of” games made by NCSoft, actual DC comic characters appear in the game that you can fight alongside of. This game is not only coming out for the PlayStation 3, but for the PC as well, which makes sense. I will be interested to see how the PlayStation 3 controls work and how smooth they are.

MAG: Massive Action Game
Zipper Interactive – TBA
Zipper Interactive wanted to find a way to test out the real power of the PlayStation 3 with an online shooter game, and MAG, simply named Massive Action Game, was what they came up with. They claim that battles can contain anywhere up to 256 players in one, single battle. You will participate in a squad, and every squad will be eight players. By using a system of experience, the game will decide which player should be the leader of each squad. Zipper will be providing the world of MAG with ongoing Campaigns for players to participate in, to keep them interested and updated with the current situation of the game. I’ll admit, this game just took my interest peak and ramped it up a very good amount. This will be the biggest multiplayer shooter game ever made, and this game will show of an ongoing endless war between massive armies, not just of ten or twenty people, but rather up to 128 enemies. We’ll have to wait a year though because they aren’t finished with it yet. I will be looking at this game with great detail. Developers have been talking about doing something like this for years on end, but no one has ever been able to truly create this in a working fashion. With the PlayStation 3 hardware, and the dedication of Zipper, I think we’re finally going to see it. Some people have been trying to compare this to Warhawk, but from what I’ve seen and heard, other than the fact that Warhawk can’t get over 32 players, MAG looks like it’s more of modern combat, while Warhawk contains very futuristic models of airships and weaponry.

Lego Batman PlayStation 2 Bundle
This was an interesting announcement in my opinion. With the PlayStation 3 just beginning to take off, Sony is still pushing to bring as many people into the PlayStation market as they can by creating a brand new bundle for the PlayStation 2. This standard black PlayStation 2 comes with Lego Batman, and the DVD movie Justice League: New Frontiers, and will be available in the fall for $149. I believe that they are still trying to appeal to the family generation who doesn’t have all the money in the world to be purchasing a hardcore video game system such as the PlayStation 3. I just wonder how much this will help the PlayStation 2 at this point in time, even though there still is a good base of games being made for it.

Gran Turismo TV
They decided to announce a handful about this interesting feature which comes in through Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, so you need to have GT5 Prologue before you’re able to view any of this, but supposedly you’ll be able to get High Definition video footage of races from around the world, as well as information on brand new cars, car reviews, even watch the popular U.K. show Top Gear. Some of this will be pay-per-view, and some of it will be free for download. An interesting feature, and one that any racing lover can jump all over, but depending on how much some of it would cost, the internet may be a cheaper way to go. I think that it’s best if you have a high definition television before you really watch this, to get the full experience out of it, but the premise seems very intriguing, and will appeal very well to those who can’t get enough of cars and car racing.

PlayStation Video Store
Very similar to the normal PlayStation Store, Sony will soon be adding a tab for Video downloads. This will include not only movies, but television series’ as well, and even anime. You can either purchase each, or rent them for a certain amount of time. If you purchase, you can also send them to your PSP to be able to watch on the go, and there is no limit as to how many PSPs you can put it on supposedly. Using the demo shown, rentals started at $2.99, while purchases started at $14.99. While this is an interesting idea, I find it hard to use myself because I feel the hard drive would fill up almost way too fast, unless of course you put in your own, larger hard drive. This service became available the day they announced it, so check out your PlayStation 3 Store right away. Personally, I won’t be touching this service, probably even to look at it, but, to some, who want to watch high definition movies without having to leave the comfort of their couch, this will be something that they will love.

Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters PSP Bundle
Sony announced another new Entertainment Pack for their PlayStation Portable, this one for Ratchet & Clank. Included in this bundle will be a silver PSP, the game Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters, the UMD movie National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets, a 1 GB Memory Stick Duo, and a voucher for the PSN game Echochrome, all for $199. This Bundle is taking on after the Daxter PSP, which came with a similar setup, except the UMD was Family Guy, and the game was, obviously, Family Guy. Echochrome, however, brings a new aspect into this package. This makes me wonder if Sony is trying to push this bundle towards current or near future PlayStation 3 owners, because to download Echochrome for the PSP, you need to go through the PlayStation Store. I’ll admit that this will not change my want to purchase a PSP, but, they’re definitely upping the ante to get people to buy a PSP.

80GB PlayStation 3 Bundle
Listening to the cries of consumers, Sony has decided to release the PlayStation 3 Core system, with the same functionality as the current 40GB, meaning no backwards compatibility, in an 80GB type. This 80GB Core Pack will be the same price as the current 40GB of $399.99. Basically they’re just trying to give us more bang for our buck, which is a good idea, of course, especially after the Xbox 360 recently discontinued the 20GB and price dropped it to replace it with a 60GB. This isn’t truly a major announcement, but it’s one worth noting. In doing this, they are allowing people to store more on their PlayStation 3, which could possibly help encourage people to, say, buy from the PlayStation Video Store, or buy more downloadable games from the PlayStation Store. I like the idea, personally, and it’s starting to really turn people on to buying a PlayStation 3.

-Overall Impressions-
While Sony seemed to focus more on hardware announcements, or so it seemed, they still had a solid lineup of software releases. Still, their exclusives and demos that they had were a bit lackluster. They did show a good collection of new game trailers, for great games no less, but they seemed to be all forced into the end of their presentation. None the less, as I said, I believe that Sony presented their information and their games in the best and most unique manner. At the end of their presentation, they did show trailers for God of War III, and inFAMOUS, both of which are slated for release in the Spring of 2009, and both of which looked impressive as well. I think that, exclusive-wise, Sony is still lacking a bit, and could have used a bit more to show. But, with their holiday lineup looking strong, and the early next year lineup looking good as well, I wouldn’t doubt that there will be many more new game announcement between now and the end of 2008 that will show that the PlayStation 3 is still in the running.

Nintendo Press Conference

Shaun White Snowboarding
Ubisoft – Q4 2008
After the apparent success of Wii Fit and the Wii Balance Board, Nintendo has been trying to find uses for it ever since. While Wii Ski was released on the same day as Wii Fit, Nintendo obviously decided that that was the way to go, and licensed Shaun White, professional snowboarder, for a Balance Board compatible game of snowboarding. Honestly, this game is nothing new, as it is extremely similar to Wii Ski, just with snowboarding. While it’s a new use of the Balance Board, it just isn’t unique in any way. One reason why I haven’t seen many Wii Ski sell is because there aren’t enough Wii Fits on the shelf to satisfy the demand, and I just have a feeling that there still won’t be enough of a demand yet for a game like this, especially after Wii Ski is still sitting on shelves lying dormant.

Animal Crossing: City Folk
Nintendo – Nov 16, 2008
Animal Crossing, as with in the past games, is a very immersive and open-ended game, with no real objective but to have fun. The game moves itself pretty much in real-time, whether you’re playing or not, and holidays and more are all celebrated within the world. They’ve also made communication within the world and outside of the world, such as to Wii consoles, very easy and accessible. A unique and creative idea in it’s own right, it makes this game seem just like a virtual world though, instead of a game. I find this appealing to a younger generation, but older folk probably won’t bother to even take a look at it.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars
LucasArts – Q4 2008
Basically the Clone Wars is a recreation of the animated series that was shown on Cartoon Network, in game form. What was advertised most was multiplayer lightsaber duels, in which the Wiimote and Numchuck were used to control the lightsabers of the players. Unfortunately, this game seems a little lackluster, just because all that was shown was multiplayer lightsaber battles. If this game isn’t full-price, I can see how people would grab it, but if it is, I don’t see it being worth it’s value.

Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party
Ubisoft – Q4 2008
What can I say, it’s another Rayman mini-game compilation. That’s really all there is to it. It takes advantage of both the Wiimote, Numchuck, and the Balance Board for more mini-game madness involving the Rabbids. If you like the Raving Rabbids games, then this is another great game for you. Still, this is just another safety game as I call them. Developers seem to be scared to make many unique games, and so they keep playing the safe game: making mini-game compilations that take advantage of the Wii’s motion sensitivity, with nothing more. To be honest, as long as the Rayman games sell, I’m sure that they are going to keep making sequel after sequel until the series runs dry.

Call of Duty: World at War
Treyarch – TBA
After Call of Duty 3, they’ve finally decided to try out another CoD game on the Wii. The Wii Zapper is compatible with this game, as well as two-player co-op campaign. This game is just a Call of Duty game of course, and if you like CoD, and want the more interactivity, this look great. Let’s hope they’ve corrected their issues that they used to have, and make this a unique game for the Wii. Some more hardcore Wii players will try and take advantage of this new game to try it out, but this game, of course, will not appeal to the wide majority of the user base, being families and children.

Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades
Activision – TBA 2008
Adding on to the already insane collection of Guitar Hero games, another add-on to the DS version of On Tour was announced. One feature added is song sharing, where you can share Guitar Hero: On Tour songs with other DS owners of different On Tour expansions. By announcing this, they’ve pretty much confirmed that they will be continuing to come out with more Guitar Hero: On Tour titles for the DS. I have seen stores that are sold out of the game, but I just couldn’t bring myself to play such a silly looking game. What I will be curious to see is what kind of price point will be put onto such a game. The original On Tour game, bundled with the guitar grip, went for $49.99, so I wonder if Decades will be about the average price of a normal DS game.

Spore Creatures
Maxis – Sep 7, 2008
Spore is an intense game made by Will Wright mainly for the PC, but has branched off onto other systems as well, such as the DS. With the DS though, they focused on the creation of the creatures. It’s all about the creation of unique and amazing creatures, and using the touch screen makes it as easy as using a mouse and PC. It gives you the ability to drag and drop creature parts from a menu bar on the side, directly onto your creature. You’re also able to share your creatures with your friends so that they can help you out in your gameplay, just like in the PC version. From what it sounds, there will be some sort of storyline involved, with some sort of challenges. I know that Maxis takes time to make their games, no matter the system. I’ll be interested to see whether this game seems more like the actual PC game, or more like the Spore Creature Creator that came out for the PC not long ago.

WiiSports Resort
Nintendo – TBA
Just like the original WiiSports, this is a collection of mini-games centered around the aspect of beach games and the such. Packaged with this, similar to a WiiPlay package, will be on Wii MotionPlus add-on, and one new controller jacket for your Wiimote. A few games shown were those such as Disc Dog, Power Cruiser, and Sword Dueling. Just as in any of these mini-game compilation packages, these games as just as hokey as ever. While families will find these fun, I have my doubts that most will even care about this package. In saying that though, I find that this will probably actually be popular, with it coming bundled with the Wii MotionPlus add-on hardware. New Wii owners may actually consider getting this package as well as Wii Play, since you get bonus hardware with each.

Nintendo – TBA
WiiMusic is all about just that, playing music. I’ve heard some people dub it a “casual Rock Band”, and I find it to be just that. You can play one of many instruments, ranging from the trumpet with just the Wiimote, to the violin using the Wiimote and Numchuk, to the drums using the Wiimote, Numchuk, and Wii Balance Board. There is no gameplay, and there’s no right and wrong to playing it, it’s just about playing the music. There’s also a training mode, so that you can learn how to play some of the instruments like a pro in weeks. While this is the most unique use of the Wii equipment yet, I unfortunately have my doubts that people will really pick up on it and use it much. I love the idea and premise, but I just don’t see people caring too much about it.

WiiSpeak is a simple microphone that will sit on top of your Wii’s Sensor Bar. This microphone, unlike a headset, will not just broadcast your own voice, but everyone in the entire room. They have dubbed it a “community microphone” rather. This is a very cool piece of hardware, but how much it will be used will be interesting to see. Unfortunately, I see this feature being abused in many games, and it will be interesting to see how Nintendo regulates it’s use, especially in games like Super Smash Bros. Brawl, where frustration can lead to unsavory language. None the less, it brings an interesting idea of a party room into effect.

Wii MotionPlus
Leave it to Nintendo to come up with some sort of crazy add-on that will make their system even more complicated than it was before. The Wii MotionPlus is a small piece of hardware that attaches to the bottom of your Wiimote, and helps recognize every small motion that you may have by the Wii. This also will make new controller jackets necessary, as the old ones won’t fit your Wiimote anymore. Since it’s Nintendo, they’re always trying to come up with some sort of new hardware that others haven’t come up with. They definitely are succeeding, but I wonder what types of games will use this piece of hardware, and for what purpose. The example used at the press conference was the turning of the Mii’s wrist in Disc Dog of WiiSports Resort, but, I still don’t see enough practical use of it yet.

-Overall Impressions-
Nintendo is Nintendo, without fail. Overall, they showed a lot more numbers than anything else, and they didn’t really show any live gameplay demos. Also, more than software, they showed out a lot more hardware releases. While their new hardware is new and unique, I wonder how much of it will really entice the audience of the Wii and DS. Also, Nintendo did announce two other new games for the DS in the middle of their presentation very briefly: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, and a new Pokemon game. I think the craziest announcement was a Grand Theft Auto game for the DS, as an M rated game for the DS is something extremely unusual. As I said, this was an okay conference, but there could have been more flash to it, really.

Microsoft Press Conference

Fallout 3
Bethesda Softworks – Q4 2008
Fallout 3 takes place in the future, after nuclear warfare has made parts of the world very uninhabitable. Mutations have arisen, and now, monsters and factions rule the world. You can play towards being a good person and helping others out, or you can play as one who just wants to kill everything. There are also two modes of combat. The first is your simple FPS-style shoot, the second is V.A.T.S., or Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System, which is more of an RPG style, move-queue system which plays itself out. Also, you receive a PIP-Boy 3000, which gives you up to the second status on your character, as well as information on your equipment, listen to the radio, and more. The atmosphere and size of the world in this game is immense, and perfect. It brings out the fact that you really are in a country that has been decimated by nuclear warfare. I think the most unique aspect is that your character will change based on how you play, and the way people treat you will change respectively. But most curious is the new V.A.T.S. combat system, which plays out itself instead.

Resident Evil 5
Capcom – Mar 13, 2009
Following the previous high-scoring Resident Evil games, they continue the series in Africa with RE5. Similar to the old games, you play in a third-person view. Unlike the previous games though, you can now play in online co-op, in which two players need to work together to finish their objectives. They’ve brought back Chris Redfield as the main character this time around. While there is a new interface for the new game, of course, this is still a Resident Evil game. If you’re a fan of this series, this game will satisfy your taste easily, but if you’re looking for something new and unique, you may be a little disappointed.

Fable II
Lionhead Studios – October 2008
Just as in the previous Fable game, you control the hero, male or female, your choice of course, as you grow up from childhood to a full-fledged hero. Interaction has grown even more, adding AI pets, and more. One of the most major additions though is the ability to play online co-op live. At any time in the game, you can walk up to a glowing orb, which is your friend playing, and invite them into your instance of the game. An interesting and unique idea as it is, I’m more interested in how the character progression works than anything, as it was extremely unique in the first game. This game, of course, looks like it will be another great seller, and looks like it got some nice improvements.

Gears of War 2
Epic Games – Nov 7, 2008
Another high-rated game in the video game industry is getting a sequel, and as before, this game looks beautiful. Taking place after the first game, you play as the same heroes as before. I can’t say that I can see much of a different, other than a larger world and more interaction with the items in the environment. Online co-op is, of course, a major feature, and the game is as dark and creepy as ever. Still, this game is just Gears of War, just with a new storyline. Not much else was announced at this time to really show off any unique features or content. They did, later though, announce that there will be a few new multiplayer modes. None the less, this really is just Gears of War.

You’re In The Movies
Codemasters – TBA
If you’re looking for a silly party game for a big group of people, then you’ve found your place here. The premise of this game uses the Xbox Live Vision Camera, which comes bundled with this game. After you participate in these mini-games that have you standing in front of the cam, it then comprises an off-the-wall movie trailer using your movements that you did in the mini-games before it. Afterwards, you can upload your movie to a database for everyone to see and laugh at. If you often have a lot of people over, enjoy throwing parties and playing games when you do it, or enjoy playing games with your family, I can see this game being in your court. This is the audience that this is made for, of course, but, it’s definately a selective audience.

Guitar Hero: World Tour
Activision Blizzard – Q4 2008
Guitar Hero: World Tour is going to introduce some new hardware to the mix of things again, following in the footsteps of Rock Band. A new three drum, two cymbal drum set will be available, as well as a new redesigned guitar with a touch-sensitive slide bar, as well as a microphone of course. 85 songs will come with the game, with much more downloadable of course. You can also take your own music, and create your own button placement with that to share with everyone worldwide. Sadly, Activision is just trying their best to keep up with Rock Band by adding the new pieces of hardware, and while the guitar is unique in it’s own right, it’s going to make purchasing all of this new hardware, once again, very expensive. I have a feeling that people are still going to fall into this and continue to buy it all, but really, Guitar Hero is behind in the game, and just struggling to keep in it by copying what’s already out there. Then again, one could say that Konami started this all in Japan many years ago, but, that’s a long story.

Microsoft Game Studios – TBA 2008
Think Singstar for the Xbox 360, and you’ve got what Lips is. While Lips takes it up a notch by adding in a motion sensitive and colored light up wireless microphones, it’s still a karaoke game in the end. The unique spin to this game, though, is that you’re able to take any song that you may have on your MP3 player, and be able to sing to it with the game. This is definitely a first of it’s kind, but once again, this is a party game, for the most part, and won’t really suck in those who are just casual game players. Still, for those who love karaoke, or always have people over, this game will actually make a great ice breaker, and fun time for all.

Rock Band 2
Harmonix Music – September 2008
The interesting thing about Rock Band 2 is that it will be coming out on the Xbox 360 in September, months before it will hit any of the other systems. Rock Band 2 will be featuring 84 brand new, master track songs for your rocking pleasure. In addition to that, every song that you’ve previously downloaded through the Rock Band Store will be compatible with Rock Band 2, and will carry forward. That was about the extent of what Harmonix announced at the conference, but it was a lot as it is. This is still Rock Band, and with no new hardware in the near future, there isn’t much more to say. Chances are, it will be worth the full-price of the game, but none the less, there just aren’t many big new things that they showed this year.

SquareEnix came out at the end of the Microsoft Press Conference and raffled off three new RPGs that they would be bringing exclusively for the Xbox 360: Infinite Undiscovery, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, and The Last Remnant. It’s odd to see SquareEnix going towards the Western developed console so much, especially after how popular their games have been in Japan with the PlayStation system. In the end though, SquareEnix landed the biggest bombshell of the entire day: Final Fantasy XIII is coming out for the Xbox 360. I strongly have a problem with this for many reasons. There are three things that can come out of this new announcement. Either a) SquareEnix will dumb down the PlayStation 3 version so that the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are the same; b) SquareEnix will make two different versions of the game, and ultimately screw 360 owners over with a lesser version; or c) SquareEnix will be forced to put the Xbox 360 version on multiple discs, something that we all should think would be in the past by now, especially with our current technology. I’m not a fanboy of any kind, but I find this a bad move on SquareEnix’s part. This move only makes sense for one reason: money, which is a disappointing realization in the end.

New Xbox 360 Dashboard
Microsoft has decided it’s time for a change, and in lieu of that, they’ve completely redesigned their Dashboard, to be in an update this fall. This update will completely change how you access everything on your Xbox 360. Their first major change is the addition of avatars, which is basically a copy of Nintendo’s Miis and Sony’s PlayStation Home avatars. You are now also able to share any content on your 360 with friends through the Dashboard, similar to what will be available through PlayStation Home later this year. Coming in a new Primetime tab is a way to be able to participate in your favorite gameshows live with hundreds of other people over your Xbox 360. The first of those games is 1 vs. 100, where you can either be the contestant, or the mob, and you can compete for real life prizes. In the Videos section, Microsoft has made an exclusive deal with Netflix for the purchase and rental of movies straight to your Xbox360. A special feature about this is that you can send your movie to your friends to watch all together on everyone’s 360s. All of this update is great and all, but most of this is just too behind the game. Sony already has their movie store open, and Wii has had Miis since they came out. While I’m sure more Xbox 360s will sell after seeing screenshots of this update, I still can’t justify this update being the one single reason to buy one.

-Overall Impressions-
This Press Conference was quite long, and featured a lot of actual game demos, which was a great start to the E3 week. Unfortunately, so many of their games that they showed were nothing more than sequels, remakes, and party games. New IPs just didn’t exist at the conference, which was disappointing, and many of the sequels that were coming out just didn’t have enough new to them to really make it interesting enough to care completely. Unrelated though, the camera and media crew for Microsoft did a nearly terrible job of showing us their conference, and many were truly disappointed with their presentation. Also, the performance by Duffy on the Lips game was blocked out. Guess someone doesn’t like giving free performances to the world, which is quite sad actually. Overall though, the whole ordeal was just a bit disappointing, even though they did successfully show off a ton of great games at this year’s E3.

Well, that’s about everything that was shown and talked about at the E3 Press Conferences for 2008! Do you have any opinions about one, two, or all of the games? Feel free to post them in the comments section here! Do you have a game you want to hear more about that’s featured here, or that I haven’t covered yet? Feel free to post it here as well! Thanks everyone for reading my analysis, and I hope you’re enjoying E3!

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  1. Thats a nice detailed recap you have there, I really dislike the new xbox 360 dashboard and the avatars, it looks like its trying to compete with the wii with a childish interface like that.

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