The Concept of Friends

There is a big difference, at least in my life, between friends and acquaintances. Friends are people who are kept up with on a weekly, if not daily basis. They are people who one truly connects with, and makes an effort to have a care for. Acquaintances are people who, even though you may see them on a daily basis, aren’t people who you keep track of, or really care about what happens to. Lately, that fine line has been becoming more visible in my life.

I look at my daily life, and I look at the people who I have to interact with daily. At school, most of the people there are just my classmates, nothing more, but a select few of them I actually try to make an effort to hang out with outside of class. Still, the majority of them are just people who I have to sit with in class. In work, it’s the same way. While I work with a lot of people who are nice, and who I get along with, I don’t make an effort, and they don’t either, to really have an outside friendship.

Being on the Internet also adds another aspect of communication with humans, just in a much more spread out fashion. I use instant messenger services, but out of the 100+ people that I have on them, I am only truly friends with maybe 10% or so of them. The others are there, and I talk to them occasionally, but I can’t bring myself to really indulge in my life with them. It sometimes brings a sad feeling to me, just because I wonder why we added each other.

Then there are social networking websites, which I was having a conversation with some friends about earlier today. On one site, I have almost 100 friends as well, and I speak to probably only about 5 or so of them. On another site, I have about 70 friends, but, if I don’t make an effort to update them on that site, not many of them will tend to take the time to go out of their way. Some of those people I do still consider my friends though, because I have met them in real life.

Finally, I take a look at my cell phone, which is, in my opinion, the second best way of true communication, only behind actual physical interaction of being there in person. I would say that I, personally, have about 50 or so people in my Phone Book on my cell phone, but at the very most, I keep in touch with 3 of them, if I’m lucky. While the rest are all friends of some kind, with life comes time and change. Many past friends, such as from high school, have moved on, and I am but a whisper in the wind.

I don’t mean to seem a bit out there tonight, but, there are just some days where you really learn who your friends are. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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