What Friends Do

DecemberI care about my friends. How much I care about my friends is something that means the most to me. Between friends that are just having a hard time in life, and friends that are in need of something small, just to help them out for the moment, I’ll give anything and everything that I have. Why do I speak of this? Because I, myself, obviously, have been going through quite a rough time, but, no matter what I am feeling, I feel it is always good to help others out still. So many people have done so much for me, I owe them more than they could imagine.

Yesterday, my friend Nate and I worked together. He had found something that he wanted to buy for his girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. It was the last one, so he either had to get it that day, or lose out, possibly from ever getting it. It wasn’t something too terribly important, but it’s one of those cute things that really makes someone happy.

I’m sure you all remember December… who, sadly, will never get to meet the owner he was meant for. Well, the item Nate wanted was a BIG bear that held a heart saying “Kiss Me”. Problem was, he was low on cash, and couldn’t pay for it. So, I offered to buy it for him, told him he could pay me back whenever he could. I swear, he must have asked me, “Are you SURE??” about a thousand times. What, should he not expect something like that? I mean, this may be his only chance, and, it’s a really nice gift for his girlfriend, so I totally support it.

That’s just who I am, eh? And now, I have another friend who is in a bit of need after a terrible fiasco that just came up. If it comes to it, I will dig into my savings to help him out. I can’t just let a friend drop off the face of the earth because of something so trivial as money. I would give anything for my friends. I’ve said that before, and I MEAN that.

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