• Oh! A fire! What an exciting night in the neighborhood. Thank goodness I live in a townhome.
  • Every day that I continue to cook (and stream) is a step in the right direction. I'm proud of myself for being able to accomplish this after everything.
  • Um, excuse me, I assume you are already aware, but if not, you may want to purchase some skeleton repellant. You appear to have an infestation about.
  • I adore how this picture turned out.
  • I received my @twloha Blue supporter pack today for donating $50 a month. I'll be proud to wear and represent mental health awareness in my daily life.
  • Morning.
  • Ready for #LightTheNight! It's a beautiful evening for this. Supporting cancer research!
  • I bought myself flowers the other day. They're beautiful and I'm glad I got them.