• That's a little better. Spending today working from home, if I can, and enjoy the snow, currently falling.
  • Christmas trees went up at work today. The holiday spirit begins.
  • I love you. Please have a cookie.
  • It is snowing and, wind aside, I smiled the entire walk home. (:
  • This morning offered a bit of a different coloration. This is the kind of morning to share with someone.
  • There is one positive to Daylight Savings Time, and it's that I get to see sunrises again, for now. This one is from this morning.
  • I took a selfie. I am deciding to post it because I like it (for the background). This is rare. Enjoy.
  • This is the first picture I've taken with the Pixel 3 XL. It's nothing special, but it looks nice.